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Twinning Prize of the Bezirk of Lower Franconia


Since 2002, the Bezirk of Lower Franconia has been awarding a Twinning Prize for special services to the German-French twinning relations at the regional, district and municipal level.

From 2021, the award will be extended to partnerships between the member states of the European Union.

The Twinning Prize will be awarded in two forms from 2021 onwards:

Every 5 years, a prize of € 12,000 is awarded to local authorities. All municipalities, towns and districts that have twinning relations in member states of the European Union can apply for this prize.

In the 4 years in between, a twinning prize of € 5,000 will be awarded annually for a specific target group defined by the twinning committee of the Lower Franconian district council.

Here, not only twins and actions with the partner region of the Bezirk of Lower Franconia, the Department of Calvados, but also member countries of the European Union are addressed.

In 2021, the twinning prize of the district of Lower Franconia will be awarded to the target group "primary and secondary schools, special schools, vocational schools”.

All Lower Franconian primary and secondary schools as well as special needs and vocational schools which embody the German-French friendship with their exchanges, actions and projects, are eligible to apply. Realschule and Gymnasium (two forms of German secondary schools) are excluded, as a separate prize had been announced in 2020.

Further information on this the Twinning Prize can be found here.

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