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Activities within the regional twinning of Lower Franconia - Calvados 2022



Campaign "Salut tout le monde!" in secondary schools

January 22nd

Application deadline for the program "Coup de pouce"

January 24th-28th

Trip of the Lower Franconian music duo Adrian Millarr to Calvados for workshops with pupils and public performances on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of twinning postponed

January 24th and 27th

First screening of the film "Le poisson d'or" produced by Pierre Filliez in the elementary schools of Thüngen and Rottendorf on the occasion of the day of German-French friendship

February 12th

Further training for youth exchange workers of German-French youth meetings within their local twinnings on the topic "intercultural preparation of young people taking part in a youth exchange"

February 14th - 20th and February 21st-27th

Joint project weeks of the volunteers - first in Lower Franconia, then in Calvados - with school visits and activities to promote the regional partnership, the partner language and mobility programs.

February 23rd

Information event on hosting international volunteers in municipalities

March 15th

Application deadline for the twinning prize 2022 - target group "local authorities"

March 15th - 17th

Digital events in the context of the French Teachers' Day in cooperation with the offices of ministerial commissioners for secondary schools in Lower Franconia

April 5th

Conference on the topic of the presidential elections in France with Wolfgang O. Hugo

April 24th-29th

Meeting of multipliers of youth associations and structures from Calvados and Lower Franconia in Würzburg

Mai 4th

Work meeting of early French teachers: workshop "rythm and music" with Anna Parinaud, musician, music therapist and early French teacher, Erlangen

Mai 17th

Fairy tale evening around the topic of German and French "sibling fairy tales" - "Contes cousins, contes voisins" - on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the twinning in the administrative building of the district of Lower Franconia

June 15th - 19th

Participation of a music group from Calvados at the Women's Bandcamp in Hammelburg

June 26th

Deployment of an expert/speaker to the family day of Bénouville/Calvados

July 17th

Hiking day of the partner municipalities (thematic)

Early Summer

Coming of the French storyteller Lorraine Ollagnier to Lower Franconia for activities in facilities for seniors, libraries, colleges of social education or training for child care


Award Ceremony of the European School Competition


Participation of a Lower Franconian music group at the music courses offered by Cargö in the context of the "Labö" in Caen


Day of the partner municipalities


Sending of the 25th volonteer from Lower Franconia to the department of Calvados and receiving of the 25th volonteer from Calvados in Lower Franconia


Award of the twinning price 2022 - target group "local authorities"

October 13th-16th

Visit of a delegation of the council of the Department of Calvados on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of twinning

October 15th

Event organised for all cooperation partners to say thank you


Reception of a French speaker or author for a lecture in French in Lower Franconia


Sending of musicians for Christmas concerts

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