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Publications for the twinning work

To order the publications of the twinning office online, simply click order.

Cover Partnerschaftsprospekt 2015

Twinning prospectus Lower Franconia - Calvados (bilingual French-German)

Frankreich Forum Unterfranken 2021

Frankreich-Forum-Unterfranken 2021

Information on funding opportunities and activities

Cover Bonjour 2021

Twinning journal "Bonjour Unterfranken"

Earlier edition

Warum denn in die Ferne schweifen…? Unterfranken entdecken!

Why wander far away...? Discover Lower Franconia!

Recommendations of Lower Franconian twinning committees for activities with French guests

Warum denn in die Ferne schweifen…? Unterfranken entdecken!

Material for early French
(List of books and media for French lessons in nurseries and primary schools that can be borrowed from the twinning office)

Handbuch für deutsch-französische Gemeinde- und Städtepartnerschaften

Handbook for German-French twinning
Cover fee: €5, or download free of charge

Mustertexte für Partnerschaftsurkunden

Sample texts for twinning documents

Das Calvados  im Herzen der Normandie

Film Early French in nurseries und primary schools

Example of early French lessons in Lower Franconian nurseries and primary schools with expert opinion on the topic: "Early learning of a foreign language" by Prof. Dr. Konrad Schröder

Rent (VHS or DVD) for a cover fee of €5

Das Calvados  im Herzen der Normandie

DVD "Eine Bilderreise durch Unterfranken" ( a picture journey through Lower Franconia)

(In German and French language), a moving slide show consisting of individual pictures and short film sequences, it offers a characteristic, dynamic brief portrait of our region.

The DVD also includes a detailed booklet, in German and French, with information about the district of Lower Franconia, the regional twinning and the complete text of the film, which was written by Klaus M. Höynck and translated into French by Claire Pascal. Cover fee of €8.

Available for hire from the twinning office upon request:

Videofilm über das Praktikantennetz

Children's books, cassettes, CDs and games for French lessons in nurseries and primary schools as well as four nursery boxes with material.

To be ordered from the author:

Videofilm über das Praktikantennetz

Apfel und Meer (Apple and Sea): Lower Franconian's Norman partner region Calvados past, present and future)
Eine Lichtbilder-Reise als DVD von Klaus M. Höynck und Wolfgang Lermer.

Further information about the DVD and how to order:

Apfel und Meer - 3. Auflage 2009 Apfel und Meer - 3. Auflage 2009, 108 KB

To dowload, you can use ADOBE Acrobat Reader. You can obtain this free of charge at Link

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