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Other mobility programmes for France, Europe, and the world

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Would you like to take part in a German-French individual exchange or youth exchange outside the school exchange offered by your school?
Or do you want to take part in a training course in the German-French area?
Would you like a holiday job in your French partner municipality as a part of your municipality’s twinning?
Or apply for a German-French youth service?


Then the website of the German French Youth Office is where you need to bewww.dfjw.orgexterner Link 

Here, you will find among others information on:

PROGRAMM BRIGITTE SAUZAYexterner Link, a tailored programme for students in years 8, 9 or 11
VOLTAIRE-Programmexterner Link, a tailored programme for students in years 9 or 10
German-French youth exchangesexterner Link
German-French sports exchangesexterner Link
Training courses for youth leadersexterner Link
Holiday job in the twin townexterner Link
French courses and scholarships for intensive language coursesexterner Link
German-French voluntary serviceexterner Link

Europe and the world

Voluntary service within the framework of the European Solidarity Corps (ESK) www.solidaritaetskorps.deexterner Link, the Eurodeskzentrale at the Jugendbildungsstätte of Lower Franconia www.jubi-unterfranken.deexterner Link or the European Office IN VIA www.invia-aschaffenburg.deexterner Link

Stays abroad in general (as an au-pair or for jobs and voluntary services): www.rausvonzuhaus.deexterner Link

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