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Heritage an cultural preservation

Associations, federations, and individuals who shape and preserve the heritage in Lower Franconia or who are simply in search of it are supported as part of the heritage and cultural preservation.

Advice and events

The employees of the Heritage and Cultural Preservation Office play an important role in this. They are available for consultations in all funding areas, arrange contacts, develop the vast archives and library of the office, which are accessible for inquiries and research. They offer technical presentations on cultural topics and stay in close contact with the city’s and district’s heritage preservers, historical associations and various culture providers such as theatres, cabarets, traditional costume groups, rock bands. Research projects and publications are supported as well as technical inquiries on various projects in the fields of preservation of historical monuments, theatre, traditional costumes, cabaret, museums, and collections.

The Heritage and Cultural Preservation Office plays an important role in numerous events, for instance as a partner of cities and regional districts for the annual Lower Franconian Cultural Days as well as in events of its own like the awarding of promotional and cultural prizes, training courses, seminars and travelling exhibitions. Furthermore, numerous activities in the field of popular music – MAINPOP – take place. The popular music representative located in the Bayerische Musikakademie in Hammelburg supports, advises and connects local musicians and thus accompanies them on their musical journey. Through workshops, training courses, concerts and other events, young artists are being helped to present themselves to the public.

Financial support

Historical buildings characterise the Lower Franconian landscape and many people strive to preserve them as part of the preservation of historical monuments. Around 160 non-governmental museums offer a wide range of exhibition focus areas and appeal to target groups young and old. The Lower Franconian theatrical landscape also offers colourful variety, ranging from multipurpose facilities and open-air performances to puppet shows and cabaret events. With the help of the Lower Franconian Cultural Foundation, which was founded in 1998, and their funding programmes, the numerous activities in these different areas are supported voluntarily. Furthermore, the district of Lower Franconia also preserves the museums in Aschach Castle, which was donated by the family of the Earls of Luxburg in 1955, and participates in the maintenance and expansion of the Franconian open-air museum in Fladungen.

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