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Twinning of the Bezirk of Lower Franconia and the Department of Calvados


We are building bridges in Europe

The twinning of Lower Franconia and Calvados is an important contribution towards the German-French bond and thus towards peace and prosperity in Europe. 

Our main goals

  • Encouraging contact among people; getting to know each other’s language, culture, relationships and mindsets

  • Promoting the understanding for the partner region and the respect for its residents

  • Breaking down prejudices and broadening one’s own horizon

  • Substantiating the German-French bond

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The partner regions

Learn more about the Bezirk of Lower Franconia and the Department of Calvados.


The Twinning Committee


Bezirk Unterfranken
Silcherstraße 5
97074 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 7959-0
Fax: 0931 7959-3799