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Specialist consulting for cellar management and technology

Thinking of Lower Franconia, one associates it with terms like Frankenwein, Bocksbeutel or the typical regional type of wine, the Silvaner. These terms indelibly belong to the Lower Franconian landscape and its people. Poets have immortalised Franconia’s wine in verse, composers have praised it – and everybody drank it.

The Bezirk of Lower Franconia is committed to promoting and supporting Franconian viticulture. For this purpose, the specialist consulting for cellar management and technology was established within the district of Lower Franconia. Its primary task is to support and promote Franconian viticulture. The primary aim is to improve cellar management, to optimise wine quality and to promote marketability. Any advisory services offered by the specialist consulting for cellar management and technology exclusively serve to aid decision-making. Every consequential measure is the responsibility of the manager.

The consulting area in facts:

- Around 240 wineries and direct sellers

- 5 winegrowers’ cooperatives

- All innovative winegrowers’ associations in Franconia

- 110 participants in sensory seminars per year

- Franconian wine awards and official quality inspections

Altogether, the advised businesses generate sales of around €255 million per year.

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Bezirk Unterfranken
Silcherstraße 5
97074 Würzburg
Tel: 0931 7959-0
Fax: 0931 7959-3799